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Get Rid of Pests In Your Car

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Josh Gill

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10 Replies to “Get Rid of Pests In Your Car”

    1. Kayla, thanks for asking. We would recommend that you call a pest control company in your area to come out and inspect and treat for wasps if you’re seeing more than just one indicating that they may have made a nest in the vehicle. Also, in many states, your insurance will fix a broken windshield at no cost so you could contact your auto insurance company to see if they can fix the crack to keep the wasps from returning. Hope this helps!

  1. Help! I found a few cockroaches in my car one night. And then I saw one more again. I need to fumigate my vehicle asap but no one seems to do vehicle fumigation can point me in the right direction. I m desperate.

  2. After I read your article about ants in the car, I realized that do parked my car near our wastebin.
    They’ve taken over my car as their headquarters especially in the night.
    It’s too annoying and embarrassing.
    Kindly recommend a powerful insecticide to r
    use, so that I can peacefully reclaim my car as the soul owner not cockroaches!!!

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