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Get Rid of Pests In Your Car

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13 Replies to “Get Rid of Pests In Your Car”

    1. Kayla, thanks for asking. We would recommend that you call a pest control company in your area to come out and inspect and treat for wasps if you’re seeing more than just one indicating that they may have made a nest in the vehicle. Also, in many states, your insurance will fix a broken windshield at no cost so you could contact your auto insurance company to see if they can fix the crack to keep the wasps from returning. Hope this helps!

  1. Help! I found a few cockroaches in my car one night. And then I saw one more again. I need to fumigate my vehicle asap but no one seems to do vehicle fumigation can point me in the right direction. I m desperate.

  2. After I read your article about ants in the car, I realized that do parked my car near our wastebin.
    They’ve taken over my car as their headquarters especially in the night.
    It’s too annoying and embarrassing.
    Kindly recommend a powerful insecticide to r
    use, so that I can peacefully reclaim my car as the soul owner not cockroaches!!!

  3. My father passed away unexpectedly and unattended very recently. My vehicle was sitting in a garage for about six years untouched. I inherited my fathers jeep and saw stink bugs on the outside and it absolutely attracts them. Then I just got it on the road and gave someone one single ride one ☝️ and now I am itching and getting bed bug bites, flea & spider bites. I saw a big white venomous spider on the outside of my Jeep Wrangler sport and it went into my mirrors and left spider webs and don’t know if it’s inside my vehicle or not. I live very clean and in an apartment building and do not want to transfer this into my home that I’ve worked so hard to get into a beautiful environment. I can’t live like this and I never have garbage or anything in my Jeep it’s basically a brand new vehicle. I called a local pest control company that used stera-fab and that did not work and just got it heat treated but I am still absolutely paranoid and exhausted. I can’t live like this please help me I need to tent my entire vehicle.

  4. I left my car at a body shop in the TL for about half a year due to an accident and shortage of supplies… later learned that there were cockroaches in the car and they tried getting rid of them 3 times now. I recently encountered a cockroach again (this time on my steering wheel) after I thought all was fine… Do you guys have a way to get rid of these guys for good without damaging my leather, alcantara, and rubber seals? The car in question is a 2015 BMW M3. What sort of estimate am I expecting and is this mobile?


    1. Stanley,

      We use a cryonite freeze treatment to eliminate roaches and their eggs in your car. It does not affect the car’s interior and is not a chemical; therefore, it doesn’t leave a damaging residue on any surface it touches. Using liquid CO2 that hits the pests and their harborage with a below-freezing blast (-110°F) from our Cryonite treatment system. This kills all pests and their eggs instantly. The best way to get an exact quote is to call or chat with one of our representatives. We come to you for the treatment, so the car can be anywhere in our coverage area and doesn’t have to be in your home.

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