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Rodent Control

Rats and mice belong to the rodent family and are a nuisance to any home. Rodents can contaminate about 10 times the food they consume with waste, fur, and saliva, which harbour diseases transmittable to humans. This leads to weakened immune systems susceptible to headaches, fever, rabies, and meningitis. Rodent infestations can wreak havoc to your property, leaving a trail of tattered wires, boxes, and clothes. Rodents are capable of squeezing into gaps that appear to be too small for them, and will enter your home at any given opportunity. These critters breed rapidly all throughout the year so one rodent
scurrying through your home is one rodent too many.

Other signs of a rodent infestation to look out for include:

Droppings: These are brown and are shaped like grains of rice.
Scratching noises: Rats are agile climbers and can go up to hard-to- reach places like lofts and ceilings. They may also occupy the space beneath floor boards.
Nests: Rodents nest in warm, hidden places such as the gap behind the refrigerator, using shredded bits of cardboard and fabric as material.
Burrows: Check for burrows in your garden, shed, or garage.

Full-blown infestations can be difficult to manage and eradicate with traditional rodent control methods such as poisoned baits and traps; rodents are naturally wary of new things introduced to their surroundings. Pest control for rodents should be a holistic, ongoing process. It’s important to schedule a
consultation with a rodent removal expert near you as soon as possible. Nextgen Pest Solutions’ rodent control methods will eradicate current infestations and prevent new ones from taking place.



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