How to Prepare Your Home For a Bed Bug Treatment

  • How to Prepare Your Home For a Bed Bug Treatment

Preparing For a Bed Bug Treatment

Preparing For a Bed Bug Treatment

What to do Before an Exterminator Comes for Bed Bugs?

  • Secure any private, valuable, or important items. The company will be going through closets, opening, drawers, etc.
  • Remove any pets and seal any fish tanks (turn off filter and air supply and wrap tank with plastic wrap).
  • Be prepared to vacate the dwelling during service for 4 or more hours from the time that the pest control company  arrives.
  • Unlock all doors in the unit being serviced so all areas are accessible for service.
  • DO NOT strip linens from beds.
  • DO NOT move beds or other furniture.
  • DO NOT bring new furniture into the unit until they declare that the bugs have been eliminated. 

What to do After a Bed Bug Treatment?

Customers often ask if they need to do anything after a bed bug treatment. Since it is often the first time they have had bed bugs, they are unsure of when they can enter the home, and how soon they can sleep on their bed again. Here are some things to expect after a bed bug treatment: 

  • Beds & box springs may be covered in bed encasements. if so, DO NOT remove them for any reason.
  • Following service remove bed dust ruffles (if present), keep sheets tucked in and do not hang clothing over headboards or foot boards.
  • Bed frame legs and other furniture legs may have plastic insect traps under them. DO NOT remove or move these devices.
  • Items you own may be sealed in trash bags that must be laundered in hot water cycle and/or placed in a dryer on high heat. It is recommended to wash any bagged items as soon as possible.
  • Following service avoid storing any items under, on top of, or immediately adjacent to beds and upholstered furniture until the infestation has been eliminated.
  • The bed bug removal company may have left an information sheet for you after the service. If so, it will contain important information necessary to eliminate bed bugs
  • You will be notified of any additional cooperation needed for future services.
  • If baseboard heating is present, it may be utilized during service. Your home may be warm when you come back after service is complete.

How Long After a Bed Bug Treatment Until You Can Return Home?

Can You Sleep In Your Bed After a Bed Bug Treatment?

We hope that this information helps you to prepare in advance  and have a successful treatment so you can be bed bug free!

Joe Jonovich

Joe Jonovich

Joe Jonovich is the Lead Entomologist for Nextgen Pest Solutions and has been in the Pest Management industry for over 20 years. He has a Master’s Degree in Entomology from the University of Florida. He has owned his own pest management company, worked for manufacturers, and has been the technical director for a Top-20 pest management company.

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