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Integrated Pest Management Statement

Here at Nextgen Pest Solutions, we commit to your health, safety, and a pest-free home. We also commit to the conscientious use of chemicals to protect the environment and the fragile ecosystems in which we live, work, and play. This balance can be achieved using the process of Integrated Pest Management, or IPM. IPM is an effective yet environmentally sensitive solution to pest problems.

The IPM Institute of North America defines Integrated Pest Management as, “a sustainable, science-based, decision-making process that combines biological, cultural, physical and chemical tools to identify, manage and reduce risk from pests and pest management tools and strategies in a way that minimizes overall economic, health and environmental risks.”

Nextgen Pest Solutions utilizes the following steps in our IPM protocols:

  • Inspection– Before we initiate any pest treatment, Nextgen Pest Solutions will conduct a thorough inspection. We will locate pest harborage areas and identify the conditions that are allowing the pests to thrive.
  • Identification– Proper pest identification is crucial to successful IPM. Our technicians are well trained in insect biology and behavior. By properly identifying the species of ant or roach, we can select control methods specifically tailored to that species and circumstance.
  • Establishment of Threshold Levels – A single pest sighting does not always warrant a chemical treatment. IPM calls for monitoring of pest levels and a constant evaluation of the situation.
  • Control or Management Measures – In addition to low-risk, highly targeted pesticide applications, IPM procedures call for cultural or physical controls as well. Our experienced technicians are trained to look for insect entryways. If a door or window does not seal properly, we will recommend you fix the seal. Simple things, such as picking up pet food and water, may prevent a future rodent issue. IPM often requires Pest Management Professionals to creatively solve pest issues. Any pesticide application will be conducted in a manner to have the least impact on the environment, non-target organisms, and people.
  • Evaluation of Management – Successful IPM requires excellent communication between you the customer, and us the Pest Management Professional. After a pest control treatment and recommendations, we rely on your observations. Pest management is a dynamic and ever-changing pursuit. If pest levels are acceptable, then no further treatments are necessary.

At Nextgen Pest Solutions we evaluate the entire scenario and provide a specialized treatment plan that protects your family from pests while protecting the environment from unnecessary pesticide applications. With preventative pest measures in place at your home or business and an open line of communication with us, a single roach sighting does not turn into a full-blown infestation. Using the principles of IPM, pest issues are caught and resolved efficiently and with little to no environmental risk.