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Do You Have a Bed Bug Problem? Don't Worry and Don't Throw Out Your Furniture, or Feel Ashamed.

Nextgen Pest Solutions is a local and trusted bed bug removal company that provides the West Palm Beach area with fast, and affordable bed bug exterminator, control, and treatment services for residential and commercial customers.

YES, we service your area and we provide 24 hour emergency bed bug pest control. 

24/7 Same Day Availability

We have same day availability and are able to offer 24 hour residential and commercial pest control so that you can restore your peace of mind.

Affordable Costs

Our bedbug treatments are competitively priced and cost less than most of our competitors. We offer financing as we know that it can be expensive treating bed bugs.

Friendly and Professional

Although we are one of the fastest growing pest control companies in the Southeast, we stay true to our roots as a small local business by providing friendly, experienced, and discreet bed bug removal service.

Veteran Owned & Operated

One of our core missions is to provide more jobs to US veterans, as our entire company from top to bottom is made up of former members of the armed forces.

100% Family & Pet Safe

We have integrated some of the most advanced bed bug control technologies currently available to eliminate bedbugs safely and easily. 100% safe for pets and children. From bed bug heat treatments to our freezing cryonite system, we keep you safe!

Fully Licensed, Bonded, & Insured

Our licensed and bonded pest control team assures your satisfaction and security. You and your valuable are protected.

Where do bed bugs
hide In Your Home?

Find Out Where These Blood Sucking Pests Typically Hideout

Bed bugs are tiny, round, reddish brown insects that are difficult to find and even more difficult to eliminate. They breed quickly, feed on you while you sleep, and leave painful itchy bites all over the body. Here are some of the common places that you will find them. 

Bedroom showing locations bed bugs can hide at

Your Mattress and Bedding

Your Curtains

Your Walls & Ceilings

Your Carpets & Padding

Your Furniture

Your Closets & Drawers

How Nextgen Pest Solutions
Gets Rid of Bed Bugs

Have You Already Tried Do It Yourself Bed bug Treatments? If so then you know they don't work.
Our professional treatments do!

Nextgen Pest Control is a bed bug pest control company near you that uses the most advanced bed bug treatment technology available to kill bed bugs, all of which are safe for both humans and pets. Our available treatments include:

Heat & Steam Treatment

When appropriate we recommend bed bug heat treatments to kill bed bugs. The bed bugs cannot survive the temperatures and are killed instantly. This provides complete coverage of the area and ensures that all bed bugs are killed.
Kills Fast

Chemical Treatment

When necessary, we use EPA approved chemical bed bug treatment products to kill bed bugs quickly.

Cryonite Freeze Treatment

A non-toxic treatment for removing pesticide resistant bed bugs in all life stages by rapid freezing. This leaves your personal items intact but the bed bugs and their eggs are completely removed, preventing future outbreaks.
Very Safe

Our Customers Us

"Nextgen came out the same day I called. I had a bad infestation that 2 other companies couldn’t get control of. They explained in detail what was going on and took care of my issue. I will be recommending them to everyone I know! I am so happy I can finally get a good nights rest."
"I had bed bugs and Nextgen got rid of my nightmare. I’m so glad I contacted them. They came right away and took care of my problem."

Frequently Asked Bed Bug Questions

Let us answer all your bed bug questions

A full bed bug removal treatment can cost anywhere between $500 to $1,750 depending on the exact treatment that is needed and the size of the affected area. 

Getting rid of bed bugs can be more costly than many people anticipate due to how much effort and skill is required to kill ALL the bed bugs in the affected area. 

We include an initial in-home inspection in our bed bug treatment cost. We provide a free bed bug removal quote by phone right at the outset.

During our  initial free phone consultation, you will be provided an estimate for our bed bug exterminator service. 

The cost depends also on the type of treatment needed. Safe chemical treatments are usually less expensive than a heat/steam bed bug treatment. 

In all cases, a quick phone call to our expert staff can provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision. 

An infestation of bed bugs can happen to anyone, no matter how clean they keep their home or establishment. 

Bed bugs can be brought into the home from anywhere. Bed bugs are often found in hotels and motels. Family or friends who came over to visit can bring bed bugs. They can be picked up at school, or in dorms. Bed bugs can be found in movie theaters, conference rooms, uber and lyft cars, public transportation, locker rooms, etc. 

So don’t ever feel ashamed that you got bed bugs and think that you are not clean or that the stigma of having bed bugs prevents you from getting the professional help you need to get rid of bed bugs permanently. 

After the first professional treatment, bed bugs will be substantially reduced. However, it can take up to two to three visits to completely get rid of bed bugs. 

Typical DIY or do it yourself treatment methods don’t work and often lead to an explosion in bed bugs as they continue to live and go through their reproductive lifecycle. 

Controlling bed bugs can be a challenging and time consuming process and there is no certain way to verify that each and every bed bug has been exterminated. Bed bugs are very good at hiding and are able to staying alive for months without eating. 

After our treatment process and our post-treatment inspections are complete and the occupants of the room are bite-free after 6-8 weeks, then you can be assured  that you are bed bug free. 

Since this can be a stressful time period, Nextgen Pest Solutions helps you every step of the way. We provide follow-up treatments and inspections to make sure your bed bug problem doesn’t return. 

We also guarantee our work so you can be sure you are getting the treatment you deserve!

Yes, our process kills the bed bugs in all stages of their lifecycle, including their eggs. 

By getting rid of bed bug eggs we are able to stop the reproduction cycle where it starts and prevent even hard to see eggs from hatching. 

This completely stops the spread of bed bugs in the affected area. 

Many of our customers are concerned about any bed bugs that may have gotten in their vehicle and might remain in the car even after their house is treated. 

In order to fix this problem we also treat any vehicles you have at the same time that we treat your home. 

This makes sure that if the bed bugs came from your car that the problem is stopped there. It also prevents any possibility of a missed bed bug from getting in your car and coming back to your house weeks or months later. 

Very few bed bug pest control companies actually take this important and necessary step which is why other companies have to come back out and re-treat the home again after the initial service. 

The fastest way to get rid of bed bugs in your home, apartment, office, hotel room, hospital room, or nursing home is to have a bed bug exterminator make a same day visit and perform a bed bug treatment on the affected area. 

Often times a customer will try a do it yourself (DIY) product or technique trying to get rid of their bed bug problem as cheaply as possible. 

While this makes sense at first, what many don’t realize is that the longer you wait the more the bed bug infestation can spread. In addition, bed bugs can be elusive to the untrained eye. If a trained professional doesn’t kill bed bugs properly in every affected area of the home then the problem will return. 

So the fastest way to get rid of bed bugs is to have a bed bug specialist visit the affected location and begin a 4-5 hour treatment immediately. 

In extreme cases where a visible bed bug infestation is present, it may take a couple days for them to die off completely. In most cases, the bed bugs will be eradicated in one day. 

Yes. Adult bed bugs are visible to the trained naked eye. However, if you don’t know what you are looking for, it can be incredibly hard to see a bed bug and they can easily be mistaken for something else.  

It can be easier to identify a bed bug by smell rather than sight. That is why sometimes we use trained K9 bed bug inspection dogs to detect an infestation.  

Trying to identify a baby bed bug (nymph) is much harder. Nymph bed bugs can be clear or transparent making them difficult to see with the naked eye. 

Bed bugs can be as small as the head of a pin depending on what stage of growth they are in. In addition, they are more active at night than during the daytime which makes it harder to see them. 

All of our expert bed bug technicians are trained in inspecting and finding bed bugs. 

Yes. If you see one bed bug there is a high probability that there are more, many more… 

During the first and second month of a bed bug infestation, they tend to spread slowly. By the third month, the infestation can explode! It is at this time that some of the adult bed bugs will crawl to other rooms within the infected area. 

Within 6 months of bringing a pregnant female bed bug into your home, there can be over  10,000 adults, over 100,000 baby bed bugs (nymphs) and more than 55,000 eggs just waiting to hatch and spread!

Even if they don’t find food in the new area, they can still live for a whole year without eating. In the meantime they can be busy  reproducing and infesting new areas. 

This is one of the primary reasons why we recommend getting professional help with your bed bug problem as soon as possible. 

Bed bugs do carry diseases and are parasites that bite and suck human blood.

There is a possibility that you can  get sick from a bed bug. 

Children are susceptible to blood loss danger from bed bugs more than adults, especially if already anemic. 

Thankfully, no proven cases of a transferable communicable disease have been found due to bed bugs.

While similar to mosquitos due to the fact that they consume human blood, their limited travel distances makes it harder for them to come in contact with an infected human and then transfer that disease to someone else.

Closeup image of what a bed bug looks like Bed bugs are very small and hard to see. Male bed bugs are smaller than the females. Both are flat and oval shaped. 

Their colors range from translucent when they are nymphs to bright red if they have just feed on human blood. 

As they digest their meal, they will change colors  from red to brown, then to black. 

Bed bug eggs are whitish to light cream colored. 

To give you some perspective on how small bed bugs can be,  20-40  would fit on the the surface of a penny. 

You can’t tell if you have a bed bug infestation just from looking at what may appear to be bed bug bites. They are easily mistaken for bites from fleas or other insects. 

Closeup of what bed bugs bed bug bites look like on the skin

Bed bug bites look like small red dots on the neck, face, hands, shoulders, arms, or legs.  The bites may be accompanied by minor irritation in the affected area. 

Bed bug bites may also look like a red itchy bump in a zigzag pattern with small spots of dried blood around the bites. 

There will often be blood stains on sheets, pillows, and bed linens from where the victim bled during the night after being bitten.  

Bed bugs are skilled travelers. That is why the most common way for bed bugs to infest your property is by hitching a ride on your clothes or luggage when you stayed in a hotel that had a bedbug infestation. Yet, there are many other ways for bed bugs to come to your home, including:

  • Used furniture in a home that had bed bugs.
  • Visitors or guests that carried bed bugs to your property.
  • Neighbors that have a bad infestation, forcing bedbugs to find a new home.
  • High traffic commercial properties, where many people can carry in bed bugs from home.
  • Visits to nursing homes, hospitals, and more.

Bed bugs prefer more urban type environments  as there are more humans packed in that they can feed from. 

Bed bugs at the source location often hide in electrical switchplates, picture frames, mattresses, and box springs.

They can also live in and around seats in cars, trains, planes, or busses. They can then transfer from public transportation areas onto individual passengers items and be brought into the home or place of lodging like a hotel.  

The Atlanta Metro area is seeing a bed bug resurgence as a result of frequent travel, dense neighborhoods, and years of outdated pest prevention practices. These parasitic pests can be found throughout Georgia, capable of living and thriving in almost any environment.

Although bed bugs like to live near beds and feed at night, they can survive in office buildings, movie theaters, restaurants, and anywhere else that has a place to hide, and they’re more than willing to feed during the day if needed for survival.

Bed bugs are hard to get rid of for the following reasons: 

  • They are hard to see and detect. 
  • They are excellent at hiding and can stay out for sight for 6-12 months without food. 
  • The sheer numbers can make them hard to get rid of. After just 3 months, a single pregnant female bed bug can spawn thousands of other adults, nymphs, or eggs. 
  • DIY treatments are ineffective. The typical over the counter products don’t work well and so left untreated bed bug growth can be explosive making it harder to kill an infestation and get rid of them. 

This is a common feeling when someone realizes that they have a bed bug problem. To be frank, you are not alone in how you are feeling.

Our homes, specifically, our bedrooms are a private and personal space. To have an infestation from a nasty bed bug who sucks your blood at night while you are defenseless would make anyone feel helpless. 

Add to that feeling the stigma that if you have bed bugs you must be dirty, unclean, and are a threat to others homes can make someone feel just awful. 

That leads many people to pursue DIY or do it yourself bed bug treatments that in reality cost a lot and don’t work. 

We talk to a ton of people each day who are in the Atlanta area who have bed bugs and just want help. We always try to reassure them that it isn’t their fault, and they are not alone. After all, Atlanta is #9 in the country for having the most bed bug infestations! 

We also try to be as discrete as possible when we visit your home or establishment to protect your reputation in the neighborhood. 

There is really only one way to restore your sense of safety in your most private place of peace on this earth, and that is get a bed bug expert to get rid of the problem once and for all. One call right now is all it takes. We provide a warranty on our work and guarantee that bed bugs will be gone when we are done. 

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How Our Bed Bug Removal process works

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The moment you believe you have seen or been bitten by a bed bug give us a call. Our quotes are absolutely free, and we have access to a bed bug sniffing dog if needed to find the presence of bed bugs in your home.
Step #2 - Plan
We’ll discuss the available treatment options, the benefits of each, the costs involved, and which one we recommend for your property. Once we come up with a solution, you decide if you want to proceed with the treatment .
Step #3 - Treatment
Once you approve, we’ll use the EPA approved bed bug treatment, whether it’s heat treatment, pet-safe chemicals, steam treatment, or cryonite (cold bed bug treatment) to eliminate all of the bed bugs on site. If they return within 90 days, so do we for free.

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We Have Over 20 Years Experience Killing Bed Bugs and Guarantee Our Work

We are a local and trusted company that employees talented and highly trained bed bug pest control technicians. Ours are the best in the industry. In addition we are a veteran owned and operated company. 

Nextgen Pest Solutions, Inc., Pest Control, Peachtree Corners, GA

High Quality

Our bed bug removal technicians are continually being trained on the latest bed bug treatments. They have all undergone rigorous and detailed bed bug certification programs and to ensure you and your families safety in your home, all have undergone criminal background checks.

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We know that you don't always know how much pest control services cost. That's why we offer a free detailed bed bug quote over the phone before we visit your home to do an inspection.

100% Satisfaction

We promise to get rid of your bed bug problem completely. If you continue to have a problem after our treatment, we will gladly come back for free to treat your home again for free within 90 days.

The Life Cycle of a Bed Bug
and why you should care

Bed Bugs Won't Go Away on Their Own. The eggs turn into nymphs and the nymphs into Adults.
The Cycle Must Be Stopped

Image showing the complete lifecycle of a bed bug
"I discovered my home had been invaded by bedbugs. I freaked out! My experience with home remedies was hit-or-miss and that wasn’t good enough for things that drink my blood. So I called on the services of Nextgen Pest Solutions. Total awesome response! Bedbugs slaughtered, and not just bedbugs. I haven’t seen ANY other bugs since my home was treated and protected! VERY happy, VERY impressed with the speed and effectiveness of Nextgen service and everyone there is also totally nice and explained everything before, during, and after! If the unthinkable bug invasion happens to you, call Nextgen they’ll get your home debugged!"
John C - Verified Customer

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