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Pest Control FinancingFast, Secure, Paperless & Easy - 90 Days Same as Cash

Getting Started

Why Finance Pest Control? 

Expenses for pest control are often unexpected and unplanned for. This can make them a burden for those that need them the most. Since it is important that those facing a pest control issue address is quickly we have partnered with Arc90 to provide fast, secure, paperless pest control financing for our customers.  Arc90 is easy qualify low cost financing. 

By applying to use Arc90 financing you can get our expert pest control services as soon as the same-day you apply. The minimum amount you can financing is $750. The maximum is $3,500. That covers the majority of our more intensive pest control treatments. 

The initial down payment required is typically 15% of the cost of the service. For example if you are needing a $1,000 treatment, the down payment would be $150 up front. Arc90 charges a one-time financing fee of $35 added to the down payment. 

The payment terms range from 3 months to a full year. Once you click the apply now button a new browser tab will open with the Arc90 application. The application only requires basic information such as your name, drivers license number, how long you have been employed, and your bank account information for repayment. You will instantly know how much you are approved for. 

After you are approved through Arc90 all we need is your Driver’s License # and we will finish the sale on our end. You will receive a digital agreement to be signed by Arc90. After signing a final verification phone call will be made from Arc90 for security purposes (from a 619 area code). 


Payment Plan 

This example of a repayment plan shows a 6, 9, or 12 month schedule for a pest control job that cost $850. You can see that the repayment amounts are affordable. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions Our Customers Ask

How Long Does It Take For Me To Go Through The Finance Process?

It can take as little as 5 minutes for you to enter your information and get approved. After that we take it from there and do the rest for you. 

Do I Have to Have Good Credit To Apply?

To qualify there can't be recent NSF (Non Sufficient Funds) activity on your bank account. That means no recent bounced checks or overdrafts. Also your income must be equivalent to your state's full time minimum wage or better.

What If I Need Help or Have Questions Before I Apply?

You can contact our office anytime 24/7 in order to ask any questions you may have and get a free quote for the pest control service you want to have performed. You can reach us at (470) 336-4315. 

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