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How To Get Rid of Squirrels- The Ultimate Guide

Learn powerful up to date methods from the experts that will stop Squirrels in their tracks and get rid of them for good. 

Lets get started!

62 Minute Read

What Does Squirrel Poop Look Like?

Squirrels are rodents. Their poop looks like mouse or rat droppings, but bigger and with tapered ends. Their poop is shaped like very large grains of rice. If they’re dehydrated, squirrel poop will be shaped like irregular little BBs. Squirrels need about a pound of food per week to sustain their lives. Anywhere they build a nest will have a significant amount of scat nearby. They usually come back to the same place to poop over and over, so you’ll see piles of it in the corners of rooms if squirrels have infested it.

What Do Squirrels Nests Look Like?

Squirrel nests are warm, waterproof, and very protective. They work hard to layer twigs, leaves, and materials taken from humans to make walls that are as impenetrable by prey as possible. Their nests aren’t like birds’ nests that are open from the top. Squirrels’ nests are like caves that are closed from the top and sides with just a tiny opening to get in and out. Their nests are so well insulated they block winter winds, snow, ice, rain, and just about anything else that nature can throw at them. Squirrels nestle inside and their body heat is retained by the insulation, making a tiny little climate-controlled haven that’s perfect for their families.

What Sounds Do Squirrels Make?

Squirrels bark, scream and squeak. They’re quite chatty animals and communicate with other animals vocally and with their tails. Sometimes their barks can be mistaken for bird calls, but their voices are distinguishable from birds by their tone and quality. Birds have sharp, clear, hollow-sounding chirps while squirrels’ barks sound tighter, guttural, and forceful. When they’re in distress, they make a sharp, urgent squeak that’s a clear indication to their peers that there’s danger nearby.

Are Squirrels Dangerous?

Squirrels are more afraid of humans than humans are of them. However, their fear can cause them to react violently. While it might be ok to get within 10 feet of a squirrel in an outdoor setting, you don’t want to corner one in your house. It’s not safe to pick them up, pet them, feed them people food, or treat them like domesticated animals. Squirrels will attack dogs if they get too close or make them feel fearful for their safety.

They do carry diseases like rabies, bubonic plague, intestinal worms, parasites, fleas, lice, and other undesirable contagions. Squirrels’ teeth never stop growing. They’re sharp, long, and strong enough to inflict quite a bit of damage. Many humans have been bitten by squirrels and contracted bacterial infections in their wounds. It’s best to stay out of their safe zone whenever possible.

Are Squirrels Nocturnal?

No. All breeds of squirrels are active during the daytime rather than the overnight hours. There are some breeds of squirrels that only roam at dawn and there are others that are most active around sunset. Most tree squirrels are active at both sunrise and sunset rather than during the warmer hours of the day or overnight hours. Squirrels fall prey to many nocturnal predators, so if you see a squirrel out at night, it’s probably running from something that’s trying to eat it.

Are Squirrels Protected in Florida?

Yes. Much of squirrels’ habitat in Florida has been lost to the construction of human homes. Their populations have declined dramatically in the last 150 years. Because of habit loss and declining populations, Florida has enacted laws that prohibit the hunting and trapping of squirrels. Don’t use live traps or lethal traps to trap squirrels in your home if you live in Florida. Instead, opt for other human means of keeping squirrels out of homes, like ultrasonic devices, and ensuring any holes in the exterior of your home are closed up to prevent squirrels from getting inside in the first place.

Are Squirrels Omnivores or Herbivores?

Squirrels are omnivorous, meaning they eat meat, fruits, vegetables, and pretty much all types of foods. Squirrels take advantage of tourists who like to feed them processed foods. These types of foods are as bad for squirrels as they are for humans. It’s best to let them forage for roots, worms, insects, plants, nuts, and fruits, which squirrels have evolved to need as part of their healthy diet.