The Power of Flowers

The Power of Flowers

If you are just starting out, dealing with pests can be annoying and exhausting. Luckily there are certain flowers that make our gardens more aesthetically pleasing, but also repel bugs. Here is a short list of a few plants and flowers to consider when trying to control pests.

1. Nasturtiums or Tropaeolum- This brightly colored flower among
others keeps away aphids, thrips, white flies, squash bugs and various
kinds of beetles and cabbage loopers. It is also very effective
against snails.
2. Marigold- Marigold can be an amazing addition to your garden. It has a
confusing scent that keeps aphids, thrips, snails, bean beetles,
mosquitoes and even rabbits away. The roots also repel roundworms.
3. Chrysanthemums- these beautiful looking flowers also contain
compound called pyrethrum, which is a commond ingerdient in insect
repellents. This flower is extremely effective in repelling roaches,
ants, beetles, mosquitoes, ticks, silverfish, lice, fleas, bedbugs,
spider mites, and harlequin bugs.
4. Alliums- These plants grow tall and protect against worms slugs,
bean beetles as well as many other insects.
5. Rosemary- Not only does this great smelling herb make our food
tastier, but it can also work as a guard against mosquitoes.
6. Mint- Another herb that also smells great and useful in the kitchen
that doubles as a prevention agains cabbage moths.
7. Thyme- Thyme is a potent herb that is widely used in the kitchen
and known for beneficial health effects. It also repels white flies,
cabbage loopers, maggots, corn ear-worms, and tomato horn-worms.
8. Lavender- Not only is it beautiful and smells great, but also
protects against moths, fleas, flies, borers, nematodes, and
9. Petunias- Petunias make our garden lively and repel against beetles,
squash bugs, tomato horn-worms, asparagus beetles, leaf-hoppers and
10. Phacelia- Phacelia is a lavender-blueish flower that is very
successful at attracting useful insects for garden growth like bees
and hoverflies.


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