Pest Control for Healthcare Facilities

Pest Control For Healthcare Facilities

Pest Control for Healthcare Facilities

Health institutions such as hospitals, long-term care facilities, and physical or mental rehabilitation centers must consistently maintain the highest level of sanitation to meet stringent quality standards and sustain public trust.

There is a continuous stream of staff and visitors coming and going through healthcare facilities. Moreover, the huge quantities of food prepared and served, flowers delivered, and bathrooms used round-the- clock expose these places to pest risks. As pests pose severe contamination and health threats to patients, keeping all premises hygienic and pest-free should always be a priority.

Nextgen Pest Solutions’ pest control experts for healthcare will work closely with facility administrators and staff to implement an integrated program for pest control for hospitals. This includes identifying structural and sanitation issues conducive to pest infestation; implementing non-chemical solutions so as not to further compromise patients with weakened immune systems; and educating personnel on the best pest control prevention methods.

Pest control for hospitals and clinics is an ongoing, collaborative effort. Working with a pest management expert such as Nextgen Pest Solutions will go a long way in protecting your facility and the lives you serve.

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