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DIY Critter Control

If you have ever planted a garden and enjoyed watching your plants grow to their full potential, then you might have experienced that one day when you go to check on your plants and a pesky critter has destroyed all of your hard work. Some of the larger critters that may be the culprits are rabbits, skunks, and racoons

Pest Control for Home Sellers

If you’re on the market to sell your house, take some steps to make sure that it is pest-free before showing it or making any type of negotiations with potential buyers. Showing proof of your dedication to your home will help potential buyers see that your home is well taken care of, making the selling experience go

DIY Natural Ant Repellent

Chances are you have dealt with pesky ants before. They are always sneaking into your pantry or terrorizing your garden. Ants are stubborn and hard to get rid of. That’s why this natural ant repellent spray is awesome–it’s safe, easy and cheap! This is such a simple recipe, but it works so well and smells amazing

Pest Control for Home Buyers

Pest issues can prolong the process or flat out ruin the process of buying a house. Whether it is existing termite damage or a family of mice living in the house you are considering making a home, it is best to ensure that a proper pest inspection is completed before you buy. Talk with the sellers or real estate agent

Your Best Defense Against Termites

As a homeowner, it’s important that you take every measure possible to protect your home. After all, it is probably the biggest investment you’ll ever make. While there is regular maintenance and the occasional repair needed on your house, there’s also something else you need to be aware of. A termite infestat


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