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Mosquito Treatment and Control in Tequesta, FL

Mosquitoes are a constant battle in Tequesta, emerging to take over backyards and parks. Mosquitoes may well be one of the most irritating animals on the planet. Considering the diseases that they spread, they are one of the deadliest animals on earth. They impact our outdoor plans and the itchy red welts remind us for days just how annoying they are. One lone mosquito can even keep you from a good night sleep. If hiding from mosquitoes is not your idea of summer fun, call Nextgen Pest Solutions. Our safe and environmentally responsible Mosquito Service gives you access to your outdoor spaces and keeps you lounging on the deck longer.

There are over 80 species of Mosquitos in Florida, but the main species of concern are the Culex Mosquito and the Aedes Mosquito.

  • Culex – The Culex Quinquefasciatus is also known as the Southern House Mosquito. This is the dusk and evening feeding mosquito that we are most familiar with. Culex Mosquitos are known carriers of West Nile Virus. Although most people do not experience life threatening symptoms, there are a few each year that do.

  • Aedes – The Aedes Albopictus, also known as the Asian Tiger Mosquito is unique in that she feeds during the daytime. These mosquitos can carry diseases as well, but they are most problematic as there is no daytime reprieve from their bites. The Aedes Aegypti, also known as the Yellow Fever Mosquito, are aggressive biters and the primary vector of Zika Virus.

All mosquitoes require water to complete their life cycle. Mosquitoes can lay their eggs in as little amount of water as in a bottle cap. Compared to the rest of the United States, Tequesta has much higher than average rainfall per year. This is a major contributing factor as to why mosquitoes are so very successful in our climate.

Did you know that only female mosquitoes bite? She eats nectar for energy, but she requires the protein and iron in blood to produce eggs. After she digests her blood meals and develops eggs, she deposits them in water. These eggs progress through the larval and pupal phases quickly. Depending on temperature and water conditions it takes from 10-15 days for eggs to develop into an adult. Each female mosquito can lay eggs up to five times during her life. This rapid life cycle is the reason that without pest control intervention your yard feels over-run by mosquitoes.

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Julian Marchi
Julian Marchi
Real Customer Review
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Nextgen has been great, Michael was very helpful in answering any questions when we started our service. We had an issue and they came out the same day and began treating our home immediately. The techs are all friendly and knowledgeable. Overall, great service!
Paulette Simons
Paulette Simons
Real Customer Review
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I had a poisonous snake in my yard recently. I was scared for my life. I called Nextgen and they immediately came. There's no price on peace and I am forever grateful for the services they provided. I highly recommend this company to anyone in need.
Anthony Picklemaster
Anthony Picklemaster
Real Customer Review
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They have kept there word on the 90 day bed bug coverage. NEXTGEN IS AMAZING and went above and beyond by flipping my house upside down to get rid of bed bugs. They cleaned up after they were done. They moved beds, couches and even took down curtains to kill a nest.

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