Pest Control for Food Services

Pest Control For Food Services

Pest Control for Food Services

When it comes to restaurants, a random cockroach or rat scurrying on the floor could spell the difference between a glowing food review and a social media nightmare.

Roaches, rodents, ants, flies, and other pests pose a serious threat to fine dining establishments, fast food joints, bars, office cafeterias, and diners. Pests in the food industry compromise food sanitation and quality leading to hefty regulatory fines, lost customers, and a tarnished reputation that could be difficult to recover. Pest control in the food business is always a worthwhile investment.

Knowledgeable of federal food service regulations and local health codes, Nextgen Pest Solutions’ pest control for food services will identify structural and sanitation issues to eradicate current pest issues and prevent new ones from happening, enabling your establishment to meet, and even exceed regulatory requirements. Each dining experience will be memorable, in all the ways that matter.



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