3 Tips to Prevent Bed Bugs While Traveling

3 Tips to Prevent Bed Bugs While Traveling

I’m positive you have heard horror stories about someone having a bed bug incident while traveling. Due to the nature of the business, hotels are prone to bed bugs. Here are a couple ways to ensure you steer clear of bed bugs and don’t bring any back home with you.

1. Inspect the bed and headboard for bed bugs. Bed bugs are extremely likely to be found behind the headboard in a hotel environment. Simply lift the headboard off the wall with help of another person and look for evidence of bed bugs. Also, pull back the bed linens and check the visible edges of the mattress and box spring. You are looking for evidence of live bugs, dark brownish to black spots & stains, or shed skins from bed bugs. If you suspect bed bugs in your hotel, ask for a room change immediately.

2. Keep Luggage Closed & Away from Bed Bug Prone Areas. Keep all zippers zipped and do not place or store luggage on or next to beds, upholstered furniture or in a closet. The further away you store your luggage from these areas the better.

3. Keep Items that Cannot be Laundered in Ziploc Bags. Items that cannot be laundered such as books, electronics, toiletries, jewelry etc should be kept sealed in Ziploc bags whenever they are not in use. Even laptop computers can be kept in sealed Ziploc bags when not in use, especially during the nighttime hours while you are sleeping.

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